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AJ vs Fury. Who wins in a heavyweight mega-fight for the undisputed championship of the world? Cast your vote now!

29 Dec, 2020 | Duration: Quick read

Anthony Joshua vs Tyson Fury: who wins? Public vote

As we move into 2021, there are plenty of big fights to be made in boxing. None, however, quite c...

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The vote is on - who wins in a fantasy fight between Errol Spence Jr. and Sugar Ray Leonard. Orthodox vs southpaw, 1980s vs 2020s. Have your say now

Sugar ray Leonard vs Errol Spence Jr

11 Oct, 2020 | Duration: Quick read

Errol Spence Jr vs Sugar Ray Leonard: Fantasy Matchup

In this month's fantasy matchup, we're pitching one of the best welterweights of the 80s and all-...

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Louis and Holyfield fought decades apart, but what would happen in a fantasy match between these two former heavyweight champions?

Joe Louis vs Evander Holyfield

16 Sep, 2020 | Duration: Quick read

Joe Louis vs Evander Holyfield: who wins? Fantasy match-up

In boxing, we tend to laud champions of the past - holding them at a standard which present-day cham...
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What would have happened if these two legends had faced each other in a genuine boxing match?

27 Jul, 2020 | Duration: Quick read

Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr. Who would have won? - Public Vote

On September 12 Mike Tyson returns to the ring for an 8 round exhibition against Roy Jones Jr. The b...
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Lennox Lewis vs Riddick Bowe. It's one one of the biggest fights that never happened. Now we're letting you decide the winner

14 Jul, 2020 | Duration: Quick read

Lewis vs Bowe: Who would have won? - Public vote

The 1990s saw one of heavyweight boxing's golden eras. The division was packed with big names includ...
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