What is Scorecards?

Scorecards is a user friendly web application that imitates a genuine boxing scorecard and allows you to easily score fights and keep a record of your cards.

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Once signed in you can access the dashboard where you can start new cards, resume saved cards and view finished cards.

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Scorecards is simple. From the Dashboard click 'New Card' and you will be taken to a screen like the image below. Just enter your fighter names and select a corner color. Then for each round you need to give both fighters a score in the 'points' column and if required add any deductions in the 'deds' column. Your totals will be calculated automatically. For tips on scoring a fight see the Scoring a Boxing Match section.

Score cards example

If a fight is stopped early, either for a stoppage or DQ, you can select 'Win KO' or 'Win DQ' for the winner beneath their Grand Total.

You can save your cards for later and pick them up again in the 'Resume Card' section. or mark as finished. All finished cards can be viewed at any time in the 'My Cards' section.


SCORECARDS assumes you are working on a 10 point must system, wherein for each round the winner must be awarded 10 points (not including deductions). The loser of the round will recieve 9 points unless knocked down in which he or she will receive 8 points.

Even rounds

In the event that you score a round even, both fighters are awarded 10 points.

Knock downs

Per round, if a fighter is knocked down they are deducted 1 point per knockdown. For example, one knockdown would normally result in a 10-8 round. 2 knockdowns would normally result in a 10-7 round.

Point Deductions

Points can be deducted by the referee for various infractions. These are to be deducted from the total for that round. For example, if fighter A wins the round 10-9 but had a point deducted by the referee, that would result in a 9-9 round. A 10-8 round with a deduction for the winner would result in a score of 9-8.

Important exceptions

There are occasions where a round may be scored differently to the above.

  • A knockdown is not always required for a 10-8 round. If the judge feels that a particular boxer dominated a round without question, they may score that a 10-8 round.
  • A knockdown does not always result in a 10-8 round. If fighter A is winning the round and scores a knockdown, then he will be awarded a 10-8 round. However, if the judge feels that without the knockdown Fighter A was losing the round then it can be scored 10-9 in favour of fighter A.

What do Judges look for when scoring a Boxing Match?

Boxing is a difficult sport to score as it is largely subjective. Each judge will have certain styles that they favour and this is why boxing often sees controversy surrounding the results of matches. With that said though, there are some key factors that every judge should use to determine a winner.

  • Shots Landed / Aggression. The most obvious place to start is to look at who landed the most punches and who was the clear aggressor. However, we must also consider the effectiveness of both. If fighter A landed more punches but did very little damage whereas fighter B landed fewer but caused more damage you may decide to award that round to fighter B. Simialrly, being on the front foot and being the aggressor does not necessarily mean that you win the round. Many fighters can box very effectively on the back foot and this should always be taken into consideration.
  • Ring generalship. You should consider which fighter dictated the pace of the round and who used the space inside the ring most effectively.
  • Skill / Defence. A Judge might also consider the skill of a fighter and the effectiveness of his defence. The aim of the game is to hit and not be hit and some judges will look kindly on slick defensive skills. However, it is important to remember that simply defence alone should not be enough to win a round - a fighter must land scoring shots while doing so.

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