Joe Joyce stops Daniel Dubois in the tenth round

Joe Joyce records the biggest win of his career stopping fellow British heavyweight Daniel Dubois in the tenth round

In one of the year's most eagerly anticipated heavyweight matchups, Joe Joyce upset the odds, stopping Daniel Dubois in 10 rounds to win the British, Commonwealth, WBC Silver, WBO International and vacant European titles.

Both Dubois and Joyce entered the fight unbeaten, having risen rapidly through the heavyweight rankings - steamrolling anyone put in front of them.

With careers on such similar trajectories and the boxing world beginning to wonder who would come out on top, it was only inevitable that Dubois and Joyce would cross paths. Thankfully, while we don't always get the fights we want in boxing, this one materialised without much delay.

35-year-old Joyce, known for his relentless pressure and solid chin, went in as the underdog, having faced criticism for an apparent lack of speed and an open defence, which Dubois was expected to exploit. However, the general consensus was that if Joyce survived the early rounds, he could wear Dubois down as the fight went on, and that's exactly what happened.

When the opening bell rang, the ring looked tiny as the two giants circled each other, both trying to establish the jab.

In the second round, Dubois upped his intensity, finding a home for some accurate and powerful shots that had Joyce wanting to hold and looking shell shocked at times, but by round three we saw a glimpse of what might be Joyce's best chance at winning - Dubois went for the knockout early on, but with Joyce's chin holding up, DDD looked to tire later in the round.

As the fight went on, Dubois continued to do the better work, landing some powerful combinations, but Joyce kept his cool and continued to offset Dubois with a jab which began to take a toll. By Round 6 Dubois' left eye was beginning to close.

With Dubois landing more heavy combinations in the seventh which Joyce was again able to ride out, it was beginning to look like the fight might go the distance, but at the start of round 10, with Dubois' eye badly swollen, Joyce landed a stiff Jab that forced Dubois to take a knee. To the surprise of all watching, Dubois stayed down as the referee counted him out.

The fight perhaps came a little too early for Dubois, who at just 23 years old, had almost no amateur career before his 16 professional fights. Throughout the ten rounds, Dubois certainly looked the more powerful, the sharper, and the better boxer, but up against the fitness and experience of Joyce, he just wasn't able to put it all together.

Among the plethora of belts that Joyce takes home is the Lonsdale belt, putting him in the company of former holders that include the likes of Lennox Lewis, Tyson Fury, and Anthony Joshua - all of whom went on to win world titles.

Currently, Fury and Joshua hold the four major world titles between them, and with several mandatories knocking, plus a unification expected to happen next year, Joyce may have a while to wait before he gets a shot at either of them. That doesn't seem to bother Joe, however, who has his sights set on a different target . . .

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