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Here's our selection of the best single-punch KO's ever caught on film, including the likes of George Foreman, Arturo Gatti, and Mike Tyson

 Sergio Gabriel Martínez

23 Sep, 2020 | Duration: Quick read

12 of the best one-punch knockouts in boxing history

The one-punch knockout is something we rarely see, but it can happen at any moment, in any round,...

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Late stoppages, early stoppages - the referee doesn't always get it right. Here are 5 of the most controversial stoppages from the boxing archives

13 Sep, 2020 | Duration: Quick read

5 of the worst stoppages in boxing history

Referees have a tough time of it in boxing. Responsible for ensuring the safety of a pair of men/wom...
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In 1908 'The Galveston Giant', against all odds, became the first black man in boxing history to become a heavyweight champion of the world.

Jack Johnson vs Jim Flynn - 1912

25 Aug, 2020 | Duration: Long read

Jack Johnson - the hardest fight in boxing history

Getting hold of a major world title can be difficult. Even today, with four sanctioning bodies each ...
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Poor judging, bad match-making, too many belts - is boxing broken? We don't think so

Muhammad Ali vs. Ernie Terrell

6 Aug, 2020 | Duration: Long read

Is boxing broken?

Boxing is the greatest sport in the world, at least, that's what any boxing fan will tell you. There...
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Saturday night saw British boxing return to the mainstream with week 1 of Eddie Hearn's Fight Camp

2 Aug, 2020 | Duration: Quick read

Fight Camp - Week 1 overview and results

Fight Camp, the brainchild of Matchroom's Eddie Hearn, took place in the grandiose setting of the pr...
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Ted Cheeseman edges out Sam Eggington in gruelling 12 rounder.

2 Aug, 2020 | Duration: Quick read

Cheeseman gets the decision over Eggington

"Egg and Cheese" topped the bill at the opening weekend of Matchroom's  Fight Camp on Saturday ...
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With the highly anticipated clash between rising British heavyweights Daniel Dubois and Joe Joyce just around the corner, we consider what a loss could mean for either man.

15 Jul, 2020 | Duration: Quick read

Dubois vs Joyce: what happens to the loser?

First scheduled for April 11, Dubois-Joyce was postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic and when a ...
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At 41 years old, Pac-Man is still fighting at world level - we consider 3 possible keys to his longevity

10 Jul, 2020 | Duration: Long read

Manny Pacquiao: The 41 year old world-beater

Entering the ring for the first time as a pro in 1995, Manny Pacquiao's career has spanned 25 years ...
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